Freshness you can see and hear

The small size bottle is the embodiment of FANCL’s “fresh” philosophy. The “click” sound heard while opening a sealed product indicates that cutting-edge technology was employed on the product to ensure every drop is pure, clean and uncontaminated.

To create genuine preservative-free skincare products. FANCL developed 3 Fresh Guarantees:

1. Small Size Bottle
FANCL products utilize “small size bottle” packaging to ensure that they remain fresh and pure from the day of opening right up to the last drop. At the same time, in order to deliver preservative-free skincare essences that remain fresh and effective across a range of use environments, FANCL began to use eco-friendly PET resin to produce its mini bottles, resulting in sturdy, lightweight, hermetically-sealed, and heat-resistant packaging that can be disposed of as combustible waste without producing harmful gases.

2. Hermetically - Sealed Container
All FANCL skincare products are produced to the same international health safety standards used for injectable drugs. They are produced on a closed, fully automated, sterile production line, immediately sealed after filling, and sterilized at high temperatures to ensure that consumers receive the product in a sterile state. Our hermetically sealed container design has been awarded with a Japanese patent (no#3978224).

3. Production Date
All FANCL skincare products are produced on a sterile production line and are clearly marked with the date of production along with the optimal freshness period after-opening to remind users that maximum efficacy of active skincare essences is achieved by using the product at its freshest.