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  • Beautiful Skin at Every Level - Removing Makeup Thoroughly is a Must!

    Most of us know that makeup removal is a must, but it’s easy to overlook makeup residue in pores, which leads to serious skin problems such as acne, enlarged pores and rough skin.

  • New Year New You!

    Your everyday supplement for Optimum Health!

  • ‘Bounce’ in a Bottle – Say Cheers to Youthful Skin

    Have you made any New Year resolutions? Big changes start with small, consistent good habits. For healthier, youthful skin, start by drinking a bottle of Tense Up each day and enjoy the results!

  • Hooked on Tense Up

    Tense Up has been loved by our fans for over 20 years. We asked FANCL Singapore Beauty Advisors for their favourite benefits, and the votes are in

  • Tips from a Nutritionist for Effective Collagen Replenishment!

    Find out how to select the best collagen supplement from Toby Leung, FANCL’s very own Nutritionist!

  • No Mistake Makeup Removal

    Plagued by skin problems? No removing your makeup the right way could be the root of the problems.

  • 5 Surprising Uses for the new MCO!

    FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil Is Not Just for Makeup Removal!

  • Brightening Mistakes to Avoid

    If you find your brightening routines don’t seem to work, take action! It’s probably because mistakes are hampering your whitening efforts.