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The Calorie Cut & Fat Burner - Blogger's Favourite!

Diet and Dessert rarely come together. But when they do, you bet it’s a happy event!

We recently hosted our launch of the new and improved slimming duo – Calorie Cut & Fat Burner at the acclaimed 2am: Dessert Bar!

Cheryl Chio of @beautifulbuns_sg says:

The new and improved version of their Calorie Cut/Fat Burner health supplement 🤗 Now you only need to eat 1 sachet of each once a day (as opposed to 6 sachets, before and after every meal previously).

This supplement duo contains extracts of green tea, black ginger and mulberry leaf to help you manage calorie intake as well as increase fat burning rate.

Jeneen Goh @xoxojeneen says:

"Still stuffed from all the amazing desserts I had at the #FanclSG Calorie Cut & Fat Burner Supplement media event today.

It's a good thing I had the Calorie Cut & Fat Burner pills to take away some of the guilt from stuffing my face."

With it a patented synchronized Fat-Burning slimming action:

1) Block the absorption of calories with the Calorie Cut before your meal, then

2) Burn stubborn fat storage effectively with the improved Fat Burner supplement.