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Spring-clean Your Beauty Routine

Is your makeup bag overflowing with all kinds of beauty products that you don't use much?

It's okay - we've all been there! Our guide is here to help you declutter and reorganize your beauty routine.

Rule 1. Ditch The Ones You Haven't Used In The Past Year

There are always beauty products lying around that we haven't picked up for nearly a year. Odds are, you'll never reach the bottom of them. Do you even remember when you purchased them? It's highly likely they have expired too, so it's best to toss them away.

Rule 2. Say Goodbye To Products You Don't Need

The basics of a beauty routine include primer, foundation, loose powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner pencil, eyeshadows, mascara, blush, lipstick or lip gloss. Keep 2-3 sets of eyeshadows and lipsticks for different occasions while having just one product each for the other essentials. Having too much of everything will only go to waste.

Rule 3. Changes In Colors, Scents, And Texture

Using expired products can cause damages to the skin. A good way to monitor this is to check your makeup bag regularly and toss away any products that have changes in either colors, scents or texture. Keep an eye out and check if the products are labeled with manufacturing dates or expiry dates upon purchase. You can also remind yourself by marking the dates of the first usage on stickers and putting them on the jars and bottles.


Besides decluttering expired beauty products, you should also spring-clean makeup leftovers on your skin!

Removing makeup might sound easy, but a lot of residues are invisible to the naked eye as they hide inside the pores. Makeup removers made with ultrafine particles can dive deep into pores and skin texture to lift away all traces. It thoroughly cleanses skin while protecting it at the same time.