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Jocelyn Chan's - 天空说 Love Letter To The Sky

FANCL recently invited Hong Kong songwriter Jocelyn to write and perform "The Sky Says" as the theme song for the brand's new advertisement. Jocelyn has released fourteen original songs since her debut as a songwriter and swept seven music awards in China and Hong Kong, just showing how talented she is.

"I wrote the theme song based on the story in the ad and make sure it ties back to the brand mission. Since FANCL is known for being preservative-free and promoting a "Less is More" lifestyle, I tried to embody this message in my music by using simpler musical arrangements and clean instrumental melodies. I want to achieve a richer atmosphere with a minimalist instrumental approach,” Jocelyn explains.

What's Jocelyn view on pollution? "I know that the issue of air pollution is getting worse and that's why I decided to go green and live a minimalist lifestyle. Another type of pollutants that we often overlook is the chemicals used in skincare that can cause skin irritation. The harmful effects of using such skincare, in particular, the ones made with preservatives, are often not visible to the naked eye."

"That's why I'm very careful with the ingredients used in my skincare. FANCL's preservative-free mission appeals to me, and I believe their products suit anyone who wants the best for their skin", Jocelyn says.