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Happy Banana Jam Recipe

This Banana Jam recipe will boost your mood (so you’ll feel less lethargic throughout the day) while maintaining keeping your digestive system healthy (and happy!). Turn it into a smoothie using either hot milk or soy milk, or spread it into your favorite toast or scone. Go bananas!

Ingredient (for 4 pax) 55 kcal/1 pax

1 Full-sized Banana
15ml Lemon Juice
1/8cup of Wine
30gsm Sugar (use brown sugar as an alternative too)

1.Using a fork, mash banana into a paste-like texture, and add lemon juice, white wine and sugar all into a pot.

2. Mix well and cook with middle fire for 10 minutes, remember to keep stirring.

3. Cool the jam for 15-20mins and keep the jam in a clean and dry container. Keep the jam in the refrigerator after.

Tip: For freshness, consume the jam within 10 days!