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The Power of Collagen!

Do you know that Collagen makes up to 70% of our skin tissue? Most of us know that a youthful complexion is all about plump and resilient skin - Collagen is exactly responsible for all of that!

Replenishing Collagen From Within:

We lose collagen every day due to factors like aging, stress and air pollution. And while topical remedies aim to replenish our collagen supply from the outside, this alone isn’t enough.

Tri-Peptide is the Japan-patented brainchild of FANCL. With 7 years of research under our scientific team’s belt, we know how this collagen type is as the key to youth.

Bounce Back To Youth With Tri-Peptide Collagen:

Containing 2600mg of Tri-Peptide Collagen, Tense Up helps kickstart your body’s natural collagen production and restores overall skin elasticity. Just take a bottle a day to alleviate issues like enlarged pores, wrinkles and saggy skin.

Patent Approved And Quality Assured:

FANCL exclusively developed Tri-Peptide and attained Japanese patentship (No. 3802721)! Made up of 3 special Gly-Pro-Hyp, Tri-Peptide is absorbed quickly into skin and provides it with premium nourishment. It kickstarts collagen production to boost skin elasticity and hydration while improving skin texture.