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5 Surprising Uses for the new MCO!

Make the Most of MCO Mild Cleansing Oil
There’s more than meets the eye with MCO Mild Cleansing Oil. Besides swiftly removing makeup, it goes “deep” and “long” in cleansing other areas!

The Trick is in the “Dry Clean”
Remember: Don’t wet your face or hands prior to removing makeup. Dispense 2-3 pumps of MCO into your palms and apply all over your face directly. Massage in circles in outward sweeps. If you have waterproof mascara or lipstick on, use an extra pump of MCO to tackle all traces of them. Then, simply rinse off with water. Marvel at your beautifully soft, bare skin!

Hack 1: Dissolve Clogs in Pores
MCO has Keratotic Plug Removal Oil that melts away keratotic plugs (oxidized sebum, skin cells and dirt). Use MCO prior to facial cleansing and on makeup-free days to help prevent blackheads and pimples from building up.

●Recommended use: Use one pump of MCO and massage in circles with your index and middle finger around nose and other congested areas.

Hack 2: Get Your Chest and Back Milia-free
Use MCO to thoroughly clean off sunblock applied to your body. MCO also helps relieve milia problems by cleansing off oil-buildup in pores on the chest and back area.

●Recommended Use: Take a few pumps (2 pumps for neck and chest, 3 pumps for the back), massage in circles and rinse off.

Hack 3: It Works on Eyelashes Extensions Too!
Common advice when you have eyelash extensions is to avoid oil-based makeup removers. No such issue with MCO, though! It’s been formulated for safe use on commonly used eyelashes extension glue (cyanoacrylates) – so you can easily remove even waterproof eye makeup without fear of shedding lashes!

●Recommended use: Apply an appropriate amount of MCO on eye area. When cleansing your lashes, massage gently along the length of the extensions – never side to side.