The FANCL Difference | Our Story Begins with a 5ml Bottle

Our Story Begins with a 5ml Bottle

Bigger is not always better, and more is not always more. Here are some small but might fun facts of FANCL!

Before hipsters made “small-batch” production a cool thing in food, FANCL was doing it with skincare since the 1970s.

Most products come in 5ml bottles so that you use up the preservative-free products fast – within the recommended 60 days while ingredients are at their freshest and most effective!

The year that FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil introduced Nano Cleansing Technology, which is able to penetrate deep into pores to thoroughly remove makeup and dirt, and dissolve even stubborn keratotic plugs!

The advanced formulation eliminates the need for pore-clogging mineral oil in this cleansing oil to dissolve makeup.

Amount of patented Tri-Peptide Collagen in FANCL Tense up that was found to be the optimal amount for effective absorption.

Other supplements that boast higher amounts of collagen do not necessarily work better, if the body cannot absorb collagen of lower purity or quality - proving that more is not more.

FANCL's Tri-Peptide Collagen is delivered straight to the skin after absorption, helping to restore skin's elasticity and youthfulness.

Faster absorption of nano-sized curcumin in FANCL Bottom Up – Tumeric means quicker alcohol metabolism – and speedier hangover relief. Phew!