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All you need to know about Sunscreens: Where are the tricky spots We'll Always Miss?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of us don't apply sunscreen evenly and miss at least 10% of our facial area. We've curated a list of spots we often miss when applying sunscreen and you might be surprised!

1. Eyelids

This spot definitely comes first on our list! Many of us never remember to apply sunscreen on eyelids because those areas are so small that it's easy to miss these blind spots, especially when we have our eyes open.

2. Inner Eye Corners

Since the corner of the eye is dented, it’s easy to skip this key area in our sunscreen routine.

3. Bridge of Nose and Nose Wing

The nose gets exposed to sunlight the most on the face and that’s why we need to make sure it’s protected from the sun. However, most people forget to apply sunscreen evenly on the nose, in particular the bridge of nose and the nose wing.

4. Ears and Cartilage

Ears are also part of our facial area but they’re often missed when we wear sunscreen, especially when we have short hair or have our hair tied up. The back of our ear is also directly exposed to the sunlight and can get sunburned easily.