The FANCL Difference | The Harmful Effects of Preservatives

The Harmful Effects of Preservatives

Many studies have shown that preservatives from skin products accumulate within skin and can cause irrevocable damages in the long run. That’s why FANCL prides itself on not using any preservatives in our products. We use small bottles that are hermetically sealed and clearly label them with production dates, so customers can enjoy our powerful skincare formula at its fresh and purest state.

Using skincare made with even a bit of preservatives can cause damage to your skin. Over time, these chemicals would put stress on skin cells and oxidize them, affecting your skin’s health.

Our research has shown that after using skincare products laden with preservatives, the additives in skin layers increases! To avoid this, we recommend using preservative-free skincare products.

Skincare products are most effective when they are fresh, yet most products in the market are packaged in large containers, which lose nutrients and effectiveness over time as they oxidize. FANCL products solve this problem with smaller packaging. When used as advised, customers will finish the product within an optimal timeline to ensure that the products remain fresh and pure from the day of opening right up to the last drop.

Every FANCL product has been developed in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Japan. Safe and effective, these skincare products have gone through stringent analysis over the years—both in in-depth product development and scientific verification.

Still curious about the science behind great skin? At FANCL stores, customers can learn more about their skin’s health and cosmetic ingredients by speaking with one of the experienced beauty advisors. Better yet, at the innovative store-cum-lab, you’ll also find interactive skin analysis machines. These machines monitor the improvement of skin over time, so you can see how FANCL products are improving your skin health on every level.

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