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Brain Aging Prevention Starts in Your 20s

Are you always forgetful? Does your mind work too slow? If you think these problems only set in as we get older, think again: Our brain actually starts to age in our 20s.

Good circulation in the brain ensures it receives sufficient oxygen and nutrients, while removing carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and other metabolic waste products from the brain. So maintaining good blood flow in the brain is essential to cognition, memory and focus. Aging sees our body’s rate of maximal oxygen consumption decline, so the brain receives less, overall. These other factors can also cause poor brain blood circulation and impair cognitive function:

1. Lack of Exercise

When you don’t make exercise a habit, it’s easier to gain weight and become unhealthy. The amount of oxygen that reaches the brain also diminishes, which can cause “brain fog”. Regular aerobic exercise such as 30 minutes of cycling, three times a week, helps maintain brain health.

2. Stress Messes Up Your Memory
When faced with a high pressure situation, our bodies release “fight or flight” hormones including adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol, to help us cope with the threat or danger. If your body secretes too much cortisol due to chronic stress, it would impairs memory imprinting and problem solving.

3. Isolation Can Diminish Your Brain Power
Humans are social animals by nature. Interacting with others makes the brain more active. Prolonged seclusion can decrease learning and understanding, and even lead to hallucinations and mental illness! So, spend time with your friends and share some new thoughts with them!

Feed your brain to fight aging and boost brain power. Cold water fish such as herring are rich in DHA and EPA, which are omega 3. These unsaturated fats help fight against brain aging and improve memory and focus. Honey melon and brown rice are also rich in GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and relieve stress.