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Watch Out For These Brightening Killers!

Did you know that skincare ingredients and food can affect the results of brightening skincare products? Watch out for these brightening killers that can turn all your efforts into dust!


Studies have shown that preservatives in skincare can damage skin condition. It also reduces the effectiveness of brightening ingredients and stimulates melanin production, causing skin pigmentations.

High-Sodium Foods:

Having too much high-sodium foods, in particular seasonings such as soy sauce and chili oil can cause irritations and affect blood circulation, causing wounds to heal slower and leave scars behind due to pigmentations.

High-Sugar Foods:

Having too much high-sugar food such as bubble tea and cakes can cause glycation and destroy collagen, making skin saggier and prone to wrinkles and dark spots. Avoid consuming too many “white foods”, such as white bread and white rice, which contain high sugar content.

Processed Foods:

Most processed foods are high in sugar and sodium. When the preservative Nitrite is added in food, it can transform into Nitrosamine, which is a potent cancer-inducing substance. A large intake of Vitamin C is required to suppress the production of nitrosamine.

These harmful factors all contribute to skin aging and dull skin, so avoid them at all cost and don't let your beauty efforts go to waste!