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Remedies For Constipation Reliefs

Constipation is a common problem among women, and sometimes having plenty of water and vegetables might not always help to relieve the symptoms. Give these remedies a try!

Drink a Glass Of Warm Water Each Morning

It's common knowledge that drinking enough water helps relieve constipation. However, it only works its magic when you also eat lots of fiber, so the stool softens and it's easier to pass. In fact, dehydration makes constipation worse, so remember to keep yourself hydrated! You can also try drinking a glass of warm water slowly on an empty stomach, which encourages bowel movement.

Clockwise Massage Over Abdomen

Exercising encourages bowel movements, so the stool can pass easily. If you don't have time to work out, try having a massage. Massage over abdomen in circles in a clockwise rotation to "awaken" your gut to do its work.

Replenish Oil For Better Bowel Movements

Did you know that oils can ease bowel movements? Our body needs a moderate amount of high-quality oil, such as olive oil and linseed oil, to help promote regular bowel movements. Oils can also help the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, E and K. You won't gain weight as long as you don't over consume it.

Take Probiotics and Aloe Supplements

Taking probiotics and aloe supplements can improve gut health and balance the ratio of good and bad bacteria in the gut. It helps the bowel move properly and eases constipation. Don't forget to eat plenty of vegetables and less meat too!