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7 Essentials Nutrients to Stay in Top Shape

While dieting and exercising are the keys to weight loss, you can also replenish your body with certain nutrients to boost fat burning results. Read on to find out more which 7 essential nutritional supplements can help support weight loss.


Chitosan can bundle the extra fat in the body and discharge them so the body won’t absorb too much fat. This is a must for those who love to have barbecues and hot pots!


A study has shown that taking Catechin for 12 weeks consecutively can help lose weight and reduce the area of visceral fat in organs. If you want to lose weight effectively, try drinking more green tea or take supplements that contain Catechin!

Coenzyme Q10

Besides fighting against oxidation and boosting skin vitality, Coenzyme Q10 also promotes cell production and improves metabolism, speeding up fat burning in return.


Do you feel conscious that your belly fat is showing? It might be caused by an accumulation of visceral fat in organs or toxins in the digestive tract, which causes an “illusionary muffin top”. Probiotics can help strengthen digestive balance, eliminate visceral fat and promote bowel movements in order to lose belly fat.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex and Coenzyme Q10 both help to boost body metabolism and speed up fat burning process. A majority of non-processed grains are rich in vitamin B and you can try implementing them in your meals.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C not only helps strengthen immunity, it also helps promote weight loss. Studies have shown that people who have a higher vitamin C content in bloodstream can burn more calories by 30%.

Dietary Fibers

Dietary fibers can help facilitate bowel movement and relieve constipation. It also makes you feel more full so you won’t get hungry and overeat all the time.