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The Fine Art of Removing Makeup

If your skin is not as vibrant as it could be, the way you are removing your makeup might be to blame. This element of your beauty regime seems trivial but is all important to flawless looking skin.

Mind Your Shower Head

While removing makeup in the shower may seem convenient, the water pressure and high temperature may cause stress to your skin. The result can be facial skin that appears overtly rough.

Don’t Overdo it when Removing Makeup

Massaging skincare products into the skin can be beneficial, but this is not the case for excessive makeup. If you massage makeup remover into the skin, the result could be clogged pores, which may impact your complexion. To avoid this, move your fingers in a soft, circular motion when removing makeup.

How Should I Choose a Makeup Removal Product?

Ordinary makeup removal products and wet tissues tend to rub against your skin, which might cause rashes or even allergies. Worst of all, these products are often not even effective in reaching deep down into the pores where you need to clean. The solution? Good quality makeup removal oil that is free from preservatives, additives and fragrance and minimizes friction with the skin, with oils that effectively dissolve oils.