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Choosing the Right Mask

Facial masks are the best way to pamper your skin, with osmosis that makes skin clearer from deep within. But used incorrectly, facial masks can also cause damage. So how do you find the right mask for you?

1. Thickness matters

You need to understand that the thickness of masks can change the scenario significantly. Thicker masks are richer, more powerfully infusing ingredients and are better for dry seasons. Meanwhile, more thin masks have increased water levels and are better if your skin condition is inconsistent.

2. Knowledge is power

You also need to know why your skin is dry before choosing a solution. When you have dry and fine lines, skin around the cheek and eye gets very dehydrated, while at the same time you could have an oily T-zone. This might require a hydrating mask. When you have alipoid skin conditions, wrinkles and skin pores become Y-shaped, and this could result in lost collagen. That’s when you need a collagen mask to restore skin elasticity and water-retention.

3. Keep an eye on the ingredients

It is crucial to remember that some masks contain toxic ingredients, and in the long-term this could lead to harmful substances going deep inside your skin. In the worst case this could even result in allergies and other health issues. For your own peace of mind, opt for facial masks that are free of preservatives, fluorescent agents, and artificial colors.