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Marriage Might Make Your Memory Worse

After getting married, some women quit their jobs to stay home and focus on their family. But being a full-time homemaker could spell a downturn in your memory.

Working Women Have Better Memories
Studies have shown that full-time homemakers’ memories deteriorate 61% faster than those who stay in their career. It’s believed that women who work use more brain power to keep their mind alerted. Compared to homemakers, career women’s brain cells are more active, which helps to slow down memory loss when aging.

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp as a Homemaker
You can’t keep your mind sharp if you don’t keep your brain active. Stay-home women can boost their brain power by keeping an expense record, working on riddles or playing mahjong. These activities help strengthen memories and keep the brain active. Doing exercises and taking brain health supplements, such as DHA, can also keep the brain young and healthy, as well as protecting it against dementia.