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Ditch ‘Panda Eyes’ for Good

Dark under-eye circles make us look drawn and tired, so here are the 7 Steps to help brighten up your eyes!

What Causes Dark Circles?
The most common type is blue-toned dark circles. The skin beneath the eyes is particularly delicate, making capillaries more visible. As the veins contract and slow down microcirculation, it's easier to manifest these bluish dark circles. Moreover, chronic sleep deprivation and excessive eye usage can accelerate the aging process of cells in blood vessels, which worsens the condition of dark circles. Besides, smokers are more likely to suffer from this, as carbon monoxide inhaled into the body lowers oxygen concentration in blood and forms dark circles in return.

< Strategies to Banish Dark Circles >

[Strategy 1] Give your eyes enough rest. Sleep earlier, spend less time in front of computer and watch television less!

[Strategy 2] Get rid of bad habits such as smoking.

[Strategy 3] Place a warm towel or tea bag over your eyes for around 10 minutes, which helps to expand veins around the eye area and improves blood flow.

[Strategy 4] Use advanced repair eye essence and cream that gets rid of aged cells in the bloodstream to improve blood flow and metabolism for dark circles relief. Besides, choose an eye care product that also replenishes moisture around the eye area and strengthens its self-defense barrier, which helps brighten up your eyes. Don't forget to go for eye products that’s made without preservatives.

[Strategy 5] Apply serum, moisturizing emulsion or eye cream with your ring fingers since they have the lightest pressure. Massage in circles with ring fingers upon applying eye cream until it’s fully absorbed in skin. Besides, you can lightly press the skin around the eye and apply pressure to the acupuncture point to improve blood flow and flush out oxidized cells in the blood.

[Strategy 6] Use a serum that's rich in co-enzyme Q10, as it helps revive fatigued skin and absorb skincare nutrients more effectively. Using it during the day and at night can help prevent oxidized cells from accumulating in the under-eye area, so your eyes can look brighter.

[Strategy 7] Use moisturizing and anti-aging eye masks when necessary. The hydrating formula pumps moisture straight to the eye area and anti-aging agents that eliminate free radicals, which helps to relieve dullness around the eye and dark circles.