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Beauty Queen MCO

Why is MCO Mild Cleansing Oil Japan’s No. 1* Makeup Remover?

FANCL MCO Mild Cleansing Oil, loved by women and professionals for decades, is the secret to healthy and glowing skin. Let’s see how amazing this ultimate makeup remover is!

1. Completely Removes Makeup
MCO removes even long-wear and waterproof makeup. With its Nano Cleansing Technology, MCO penetrates deeply into pores and flushes dirt and impurities to the skin surface for a thorough cleanse.

2. Less Friction
Oil attracts oil. MCO can remove excess sebum from skin without abrasion. The cushion oil texture glides smoothly over the skin while doing its magic.

Tips! Use MCO in the morning to dissolve any accumulation of dirt, impurities and sebum in the pores which may form keratin plugs. Focus on massaging areas such as nose, cheeks and chin to purify the skin.

3. Fresh Formula
Formulated with Zero Preservatives or mineral oils, MCO does not cause keratin plugs or congested pores.

4. High Hydration
Most makeup removers not only remove makeup, but also stripes water off our skin, leaving skin dehydrated and rough. Formulated with Moisture Keep Cleansing Formula, MCO retains skin’s natural moisturizing factors (NMF) keeping skin hydrated and smooth.

* Japan Fuji Keizai “Marketing Handbook of Cosmetics 2019 No. 1 Makeup Remover” (2018 actual sales results)