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Bounce Back to Youth

Collagen is the key to youthful skin, but it diminishes as we age. If you are panicking about aging, simply take a bottle of Tense Up a day for a 2,600mg dose of Tri-Peptide Collagen to directly replenish collagen to your skin!

Extra-small Japan-patented Tri-Peptide Collagen molecules are easier to be absorbed by the body and reaches the skin directly as compared to general collagen.

General collagen, like other proteins, Is broken down into amino acids by the digestive system. These amino acids are utilized by different parts of the body – including hair, nails, joint cartilage – and not sole the skin.

Tri-Peptide Collagen comprises of 3 types of amino acid, similar to the collagen structure in our skin’s dermal layer, thus promoting the skin’s collagen production.

A bottle of Tense Up a day can replenish and revs up collagen production, with 2,600mg of Tri-Peptide Collagen inside every bottle.