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Don't Sabotage Your Skin

“Step Zero” of your Skincare Routine

However complicated or simple your skincare routine is, the most crucial step is Step Zero - choosing products with zero preservatives. Harmful preservatives accumulated will weaken your skin by slowing down metabolism, hence accelerating the aging of the skin. Research has shown that preservatives hinder the efficacy of skincare product*.

Zero Preservatives + Air-tight Container

The freshness and high efficacy of FANCL zero preservatives skincare products are guaranteed by containers that are hermetically sealed to keep them safe from air and pollutants. Remember to examine the integrity of the seal when you purchase our products.

Bigger is Not Always Better

To ensure the high quality of our zero preservative products, FANCL uses small containers to store enough for a month’s use without the addition of preservatives, fragrances, artificial colorings, and other irritants. Every drop of the essence is kept fresh, safe, and hygienic.

*Source: FANCL Research Institute and the 125th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, 2005’23rd IFSCC Conference, Italy, 2005’24th IFSCC Congress, Japan’Journal of Applied Toxicology, 27:1-9, 2007