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Unlock the Secret to Beauty

Unlock the Secret to Beauty with the all-NEW BC Intensive Skin Booster - your go-to Beauty Essence that addresses multiple skin concerns at one time!

Super Anti-oxidant APPS -40 °C Freeze Your Youth!

Power up your flight against oxidation and aging with BC Intensive Skin Booster! Fortifies with a powerful Vitamin C Derivative APPS and -40 °C Freeze Dry Technology, it delivers fresh and active beauty nutrients to the deepest epidermis and dermis layers, and repairs damaged cells and promote collagen synthesis. Within a month of usage, you can see improvements in skin elasticity and softness, and puts a glow on your face.

It’s All about Collagen!

Formulated with potent new ingredients – Rose Revitalizing Extract and Grape Bud Extract, the Beauty Essence offers boosted anti-aging power.

Rose Revitalizing Extract – extracted from the placenta of the Damask Rose, the extract is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids to boost skin metabolism and stimulates collagen synthesis for skin revitalization and rejuvenation.

Grape Bud Extract – naturally rich in anti-oxidant, the extract from Grape Buds boosts the firmness of the skin by facilitating the reconstruction of collagen fibre. By re-building weakened collagen, skin bounces back into heightened firmness.

With “Micro-emulsification Technology”, the highly-absorptive anti-aging Beauty Essence dissolves APPS powder swiftly and delivers nutrients into the deepest layer of the skin, improving your skin conditions in the blink of an eye!