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#0to100BeautyCommunity: FANCL User, Jocelyn shares why she switched to MCO!

I have been using this make up remover for years. Starting with its packaging, it has a minimalistic anaesthetic & best of all, it comes with a pump. The pump makes it extremely accessible, no fumbling required even with wet hands. For the product itself, it is clear and it has a moderately thick consistency. It is not foamy, so for those like me who dislike the feeling of foam in my eyes, this is a great product for you. It gives a thorough deep cleansing of my face and it leaves me feeling clean but not *squeaky clean*. You know how some removers leave your skin stripped of all moisture, I hate that feeling haha. My cousin with sensitive skin (very) uses this product without a hitch so for those fretful of a skin reaction, I don’t think this product has any harsh chemicals that will cause serious irritation.

All in all, I highly recommend this product to those looking for a new make up remover! I jumped ship from micellar water as this product saved me from wasting cotton pads. :) 

- FANCL User, Jocelyn Yeo