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New Trending: Clean Beauty, powered by ZERO Preservatives

New Trending: Clean Beauty, powered by ZERO Preservatives

At the dawn of 2021, we look at one cult beauty trend poised to go big this year. Clean Beauty. If you’re not already taking better care of your health and wellness, today is the first day of the rest of your life to bring in purity with ‘Zero Preservatives’!

Zero Preservatives: The Ultimate Key to Clean Living

Clean living is trending globally, and it inspires people to avoid preservatives in every aspect of life. Whether it is food consumed, or skincare and items that touch the skin such as clothes and bed linen, people want to know the raw materials, ingredients and their sources, so they’re aware of what their bodies are absorbing. Many studies shown that preservatives are harmful to our skin and body over time, even if the dosage is minimal. It’s time to go Zero Preservatives for a better life!

Stay Away from Preservatives! Preserve Your Beauty in the Long Run!
Preservative could stress out skin cells and speed up the oxidation process, which affects skin health and leads to skin aging. Skin also becomes more sensitive.

Research has shown that after using skincare products laden with preservatives continuously, the additives in skin layers increases! To avoid this, we recommend using preservatives-free skincare products.

FANCL Essential Care Series – Clean Beauty, Nourished Skin
In keeping with FANCL’s philosophy on Zero Preservatives, every drop of the Essential Care Series is pure and preservatives-free. Formulated with Beauty Blue Sweet Pea Extract, Essential Care Series products help combat the damage caused by external aggressors such as UV rays, air pollutants and harmful additives. The products de-stress skin and boost skin cell repair. Make the nourishing, protective Essential Care Series your everyday go-to for clean, 100% Beauty!