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#0to100BeautyCommunity: FANCL User, Abigail how she started using FANCL products!

If my plane crashed, i was left stranded on a deserted island & could only grab 1 beauty product, I'd choose Fancl Tense Up lol... I used to have sensitive skin with red itchy rashes. My dermatologist said that this problem was caused by preservatives in my skincare products. Hence, I started using Fancl preservative-free skincare around 6years ago. I especially love Fancl Tense Up which provides me constant replenishment of collagen & prevents collagen loss. I notice my skin gets firmer & friends say I look younger. I also like its mildly sweet fruity taste, so for those who dislike the fishy taste of collagen supplements, this is a great product for u.

Prior to this, I have tried other brands supplements that has higher concentration of collagen before but they didn't give any noticeable result. This is becos their general collagen was utilised by different parts of body & not solely the skin whereas Fancl Tense Up Tri-peptide collagen comprises of 3 types of Amino Acid that r similar to the collagen structure of our skin's dermal layer and r extra small- easier to be absorbed by digestive system & pass directly to our skin. I highly recommend Fancl Tense Up to all those looking for younger & firmer skin!

- Abigail Huang, FANCL User