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#0to100BeautyCommunity: FANCL User, Yingmin shares why she loves MCO!

I have been using the mild cleansing oil for years and love the product. Have tried other brands of cleansing oil and this one works perfect for me, it is scent and preservatives free and affordable. This fuss free product makes cleansing experience fun and enjoyable, it leaves my skin silky soft and supple after the wash off. Thoroughly cleanses all make up remover with ease which makes this a star product. The clean, chic and vibrant appearance of the product is easily relatable to the trendy and minimalistic consumers in the market. The season evolving product packaging every season makes it ever interesting and refreshing, from feminine to quirky. Always always go back to fancl for their cleansing oil.

The never fail me product, my essential go to. Using it since my 20s and for my more matured skin now, still work brilliantly. A thumbs up for MCO, my love! My only wish is that it comes in a bigger bottle :). Also, the face cleansing powder is another product which am a fan, fancl is one of the few innovators that start the trend of face powders.

- Yingmin, FANCL User