Beauty Talk | The FANCL Guide

Self-love is all about ZERO Preservatives

Starting your skincare routine, choose products from Zero Preservatives that truly pamper your skin and enhance your self care!

1. Prioritize Cleansing!
Sweep away all the pollutants and makeup residue that can clog your skin. Use MCO Mild Cleansing Oil to speedily remove all stubborn makeup thoroughly, then follow up with Facial Washing Powder that has a creamy foam that deep cleanses pores while retaining skin hydration.

2. Deeper Nourishment
With Zero Preservatives and no harmful additives, every drop of the skincare product is pure beauty nutrients. With the High-Penetration Nano Capsule Technology, Daily Care Series maximizes the nourishing and radiance benefits while completely pampering your skin.

3. Beauty in a Bottle
Beautiful skin is a sign of vitality and health – which requires sufficient nutrients. It’s crucial to avoid oral supplement formulated with preservatives, as some are not easily excreted by the body. Choose safe, zero preservatives supplements for effective beauty enhancement from within, like Tense Up for anti-aging, and White Advanced Drink for brightening.