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Redeem the 2pcs Whitening Kit upon purchase of $250

Redeem the 2 Pcs of Whitening Kit upon purchase of $250 with 12 gift points.

2pc Whitening Kit consists of White Washing Powder C+ 13g and Whitening Mask (1 sheet)

White Washing Powder C+, fine and silky deep cleansing foam washes away excess oil, impurities from the pores and brighten dull and yellowish skin tone. Moisture is retained to leave your skin feeling fresh, supple, and better hydrated.

Whitening Mask feature the ground-breaking whitening formula "3-Form Vitamin C". Targeting the causes of pigmentation, actively brightening your skin and lightening spots from the surface through to the deeper layers of your skin.

While stocks last. Consult our shop staff for more information.

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