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Advanced Scientific Technology: Research to Sustain Skin Beauty

FANCL has always been dedicated to skin beauty, but the ultimate goal is to sustain that beauty for long term. FANCL Scientific Research Team conducts research on skin by using 3D analysis technology to analyse the condition of skin and the progress of skin-aging. Research has proven scientifically that preservatives accelerate skin aging, making it a key enemy in the quest for youth. This is why FANCL stands firmly on its ‘Zero Preservative’ promise, to deliver healthy and beautiful skin for ages to come.

Preservatives Accelerate Skin Aging!
Using skincare made with preservatives can be harmful to skin as they accelerate skin aging by slowing down skin cell metabolism, which causes a weakening of the skin barrier function and hence a vicious cycle of skin aging*. With the addition of preservatives, fragrances, artificial colorings, and other irritants, the efficacy of skincare products could be hindered, which leads to the damage of the skin.

Go for ‘Zero Preservatives’ Skincare – Rebuild Healthy and Beauty Skin
Just like the food you eat, our skin also deserves the purest and freshest nutrition everyday! FANCL Essential Care Series is pure and formulated without any Preservatives, offering the most optimal beauty benefits.

*Source: FANCL Research Institute and The 125th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, 2005 ‘ 23rd IFSCC Conference, Italy, 2005 ‘ 24th IFSCC Congress, Japan 2006 ‘ Journal of Applied Toxicology, 27:1-9, 2007