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#0to100BeautyCommunity: FANCL User, Siew Ping added a new product to her beauty must-haves

I have just finished my first bottle of Core Effector - which lasted me about a month. I couldn’t run out fast enough to stock up on it again! I have always known Fancl products for it’s gentle effectiveness but this - is a game changer!

For a long time, I have accepted that my dry skin condition and texture (large pores) is here to stay and I’m just using products to try and maintain as much as possible so it doesn’t get worse. But when I tried Core Effector, within 2 weeks, I saw significant improvement in my skin texture. My skin is plumper, texture much more refined and my pore size appears to be shrinking! I have tried so many big brands in the past boasting the same results but they don’t even come close to what the Core Effector does.

Now, my make up goes on so much more smoothly and I end up using less product. Despite the higher price point, it will be hard to give up the Core Effector as part of my skincare regime now.

- Siew Ping, FANCL user