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5 little-known reasons to ditch preservatives in your skincare - pronto!

There’s a reason why the #EatClean hashtag has been trending on social media for the last few years. More and more people around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of consuming fresh, preservative-free food and produce.

Processed and canned food that boast a long shelf-life are usually laced with chemicals that prevent them from decomposing, and many of these commonly-used chemicals have been shown to be harmful to the body in the long run.

Now think of your skin and the amount of skincare that is applied to it every single day. Most skincare products also contain chemical preservatives to extend their shelf-life, which are then absorbed into our skin daily when we slather them on.

FANCL’s research has found that the daily accumulation of skincare preservatives in the skin can lead to damages – and will even cause skin to age faster! Need more convincing? Here are five facts about skincare preservatives that you need to know now:

1. Preservatives weaken your skin
The gradual build-up of preservatives causes the skin’s keratin cells to become damaged, resulting in a thinned and weakened epidermis (outer) layer. This means that your skin becomes fragile, prone to irritation and susceptible to environmental attacks.

2. Preservatives stimulate hyper-pigmentation
The presence of these chemicals irritate skin cells and triggers the skin’s melanin production process resulting in the appearance of hyper-pigmentation (dark) spots.

3. Preservatives reduce the efficacy of your skincare
Not only are they detrimental to your skin health, preservatives also significantly reduce the efficacy of the active ingredients in your skincare.

4. Preservatives cause cellular damage
Skin cells that absorb preservatives undergo DNA damage that will lead to premature cellular death. Which is bad news since we all aim to preserve youthful skin, which requires skin cells to stay healthy and perform at their peak.

5. Preservatives causes your skin to age faster
The stress on our skin caused by the accumulation of these chemicals may cause a decrease in our skin’s ability to produce new cells, while flattening ageing cells. What this means is that skin loses its youthful elasticity and firmness more quickly due to a thinner dermis and decreasing collagen and elastin production, resulting in skin-sagging and more pronounced lines and wrinkles.

Worried? Don’t despair. Act on this skin-saving action plan now to stop this premature-ageing downward spiral:

Tip 1: Stop using preservative-loaded skincare – immediately!
All of FANCL’s skincare is preservative-free, and is packaged in a 100 per cent hermetically sealed containers. In fact, FANCL has also excluded 102 possible skin irritants that are commonly used in the skincare market, including preservatives, disinfectants, petroleum-based surfactants, fragrances and mineral oils.

Tip 2: Go for maximum efficacy
FANCL’s preservative-free ethos means that the active ingredients in its products are able to achieve better results while reducing skin irritation and damage. The High Penetration Nano-Capsule Technology used in the FANCL Daily Care Series ensures that the key ingredients – like the hydrating H2O actives and repairing Maldivin botanical extract - penetrate into the skin’s deepest levels for quick and long-lasting results.

Tip 3: Maintain a consistent beauty regimen
A simple yet effective regimen is the best way to ensure skin stays healthy and youthful for longer. Start by removing all traces of makeup, dirt and sebum with our bestselling FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil. The Smooth Cushion Oil glides smoothly onto the skin to dissolve pore-clogging makeup and debris, and rinses off easily. Up next is FANCL’s bestselling Facial Washing Powder, which transforms into a lux, velvety foam to deeply cleanse and detoxify without stripping skin of essential moisture. Apply FANCL Lotion to deeply hydrate, followed by an Essence to boost skin repair and rejuvenation, before locking in the goodness with an Emulsion or Cream.

Tip 4: Keep your skin well hydrated
For most women below the age of 30, keeping skin perfectly hydrated is the best way to maintain its youthfulness. The Moisturizing Line in FANCL’s Daily Care Series contains Fresh Moist Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Rice Ferment Filtrate and Fresh Royal Jelly Extract to keep skin nourished from deep within.

Tip 5: Replenish depleted collagen
The gradual deterioration of the collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis, as well as the skin’s decreasing ability to produce new collagen as it ages, results in sagginess and the appearance of wrinkles/large pores. To tackle deeper skin ageing concerns, drink a bottle of Tense Up Collagen Drink daily to maintain skin’s youthfulness.