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Collagen BC Event - FANCL The Collagen Science Expert

FANCL held a luxurious high-tea session at Flutes - National Museum, to celebrate the launch of two new heroes in the BC range and its collagen expertise.

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Collagen starts to deplete with age but a holistic anti-aging routine can help every woman address the unique needs of her skin at every stage of her life.

Through years of extensive research, FANCL's original and Japan-patented High Tri-Peptide Collagen (HTC) is the only collagen developed that can be absorbed directly into skin.

FANCL - BC range:

The BC range contains a collection of proprietary collagen ingredients formulated with Silybin, to breakdown and remove aged collagen while optimizing skin to produce new and healthy collagen.

All of FANCL's proprietary collagen ingredients are also made without any preservatives or additives.

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