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Where Is My Mind? The Difference Between Feeling Down VS Mental Health

Have you been feeling blue lately and wonder if you are suffering from emotional sickness? There’s a difference between feeling down and suffering from emotional illness. There are four different aspects of emotional problems, are you able to identify yours? Are there any solutions? Let us take a look!

1. Unhappy encounters
Everyone encounters unhappy things throughout their lives and it’s natural to feel low. It often takes a short period of time to feel that things are back to normal again.

2. Being hit by a blow
After going through a major crisis or trauma, such as losing a loved one or being unemployed, it can be hard to cope within a short period of time. The phase of feeling extremely down can last for a while, but it also subsides over time.

3. Pessimistic Personality
If one’s personality is pessimistic, it’s easy to get into the rabbit hole of feeling negative emotions in the long run. However, things going smoothly in life can help soothes the mind.

4. Emotional Sickness
Low spirits caused by physiology are what we called emotional illness, such as depression. Being depressed over a long period of time can cause one to lose interest in things happening in his surroundings and even have suicidal tendencies.

There are always ups and downs in our lives. Staying positive and thinking with an optimistic mindset can make one feel happier. If you have been struggling with negative emotions long term and find them affecting your daily life, we suggest going to the doctor and seek for professional advice.