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4 Things You Need To Know About Bone Support

As we age, our skin gradually loses elasticity and our metabolism drops significantly. In fact, there is one more invisible crisis – osteoporosis. Reduced bone metabolism leads to the loss of calcium and bone mass, resulting in osteoporosis. Bones may become thin and fragile, and a fracture is likely to happen. If you don’t want your bones to age, start the anti-aging process! Act now with these essential steps.

1) Increase protein and calcium intake
While bones are composed of protein and calcium, extra protein helps fortify your bones. Milk and processed cheese are rich in both protein and calcium.

2) Enhance your vitamin D intake
Known as a “calcium carrier”, vitamin D facilitates calcium absorption. The simplest way to take in the vitamin is to spend some time in the sun. Pork liver, chicken liver, sardines and egg yolk are also rich in vitamin D.

3) Avoid an extreme diet
Many women lose weight through an extreme or imbalanced diet. This will affect the female hormone secretion and bone growth. Even if you want to lose weight, your diet should be balanced in different nutrients. Regular exercise should also be taken to enhance this process.

4) Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes
Smoking and drinking can hinder the absorption of protein and calcium, resulting in reduced bone density and accelerated “bone-aging”. To help your bones accumulate building blocks for future use, taking a calcium replenishing and retention supplement is the right way.

Follow all these steps to create a healthier and happier you!