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Does Facial Cleansing With Milk Brighten Skin Tone?

For people who want to brighten their skin, there's nothing they want more than completely clearing dark spots and melanin. Some say that cleansing face with milk can brighten skin. How much truth is in there?

According to dermatologists, there are no scientific proofs that show this home remedy would work. In fact, facial cleansing products only get in contact with the skin for a very short amount of time during cleansing. So even if there are brightening ingredients in it, it cannot be absorbed into the skin and will not achieve any brightening effects. Moreover, milk is not a cleansing agent. Using milk to wash your face cannot remove oil and debris, and could clog pores and trigger fat grains and acne.

If you want visible results from your brightening routine, you have to start with tackling melanin in the epidermis. Only when concentrated brightening ingredients get delivered to the roots of melanin can lessen dark spots and brighten up skin tone. Brightening essence, facial masks and supplements are more direct methods that can achieve better results. Does that mean brightening facial cleansing products are not helpful after all? That's not necessarily so. Some facial cleansing products contain brightening agents, which can wash off old keratin that contains melanin and help restore brighter and clearer skin. Start your brightening routine with facial cleansing but also be smart with the type of products you use!