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Supplements for Better Health from the Inside Out

In addition to developing preservative-free skincare products. FANCL is also a leading advocate for health and beauty from the inside out.

To boost skin quality and overall health, external care is important – but looking after your internal health also cannot be overlooked. FANCL provides high quality, preservatives-free beauty and health products for busy, urban people with unbalanced diets, promoting skincare and health maintenance through balanced nutrition for long-lasting health and beauty from the inside out.

Providing Necessary Nutrients for Nutritionally – Unbalanced City Dwellers
The modern urban diet consist of processed foods that are full of added chemicals such as preservatives and coloring, and devoid of nutrients. This makes it a daily struggle to maintain a healthy, balance diet. The fast-paced modern life and occupational stress and anxieties also cause nutrients to be constantly depleted, and produces lots of free radicals, which in turn accelerates aging and make one more susceptible to disease.

FANCL health products are derived from natural foods using the latest and most advance technology. Different lines of products now include vitamin and mineral supplements, offering an array of healthy living options for urbanites, fitness nutrition, and beauty and skin nutrition. These convenient health products provide all-around nutrition necessary for maintaining your health, enabling you to remain healthy, beautiful, and worry-free.