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Ning says: Eat To Your Heart’s Content …
While Maintaining Your Figure

Ning says:

2 people. 12 meals. Yup, you read that right!

I’ve always had a huge appetite, and I still remember the time when I devoured 12 lunch boxes with another actor while filming in Mainland China. Looking back, it was quite crazy how much we ate - I must have really been starving!

The actor even joked that he had never seen an actress feeling so satisfied simply by stuffing herself with food!

Snacks And Desserts Are My Guilty Pleasures:

I love all kind of snacks, especially potato chips, chocolate, and desserts. However, I also care about my health, so I try to keep a good balance. For breakfast, I'll usually prepare a hearty meal of rice with fish, meat, eggs, and vegetables. Sometimes, I may even have a yogurt and fruits after the meal. I know it sounds like quite a big meal, but it actually provides me with a good balance of nutrients and vitamins.

It All Comes Down To Eating Smart:

While I love eating, I also try to find the middle ground where I can enjoy my food without worrying about any averse health effects. When it gets late, I avoid eating too much, and am especially careful to stay away from carbohydrates and fruits.

Exercise is also an important part of my life. This is why I bring my workout gear with me when I go on set, so I can go for a jog during breaks. That way, even when I eat a lot, it doesn’t take a toll on my body. If you exercise regularly and eat smart, you don’t have to sacrifice your love for food!