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Tackle Troubling Pore Problems With FANCL Pore Care Series

People prefer not to have their videos taken in high definition, for fear that it will zoom in on their skin and showcase the state of their pores. But with the FANCL Pore Care Series, clear and oil-free pores are now a reality!

Gently dissolve blackheads from your T-Zone with this high performing purifying pack. Perfect for oily and combination skin, it effectively penetrates deep into pores to absorb dirt and skin impurities.

Perfect for oily skin, FANCL’s Pore Essence contains Sebum Absorbing Powder which absorbs excess sebum that cause blackheads, leaving your T-Zone matte and shine-free. Its Hydrolyzed Rice Leaf Extract also helps in tightening previously enlarged pores. Finally, its Smooth Clear Veil improves the skin’s texture so your skin feels refreshed after every use!

Say au revoir to dead skin cells with FANCL’s highly effective facial treatment—see results with just one application! It removes dead skin cells thanks to ingredients such as Yogurt Filtrate and Green Tea Extract. Enlarged pores are a thing of the past and skin is visibly brightened, leaving your skin ready for maximum close up, all the time!

Now, you no longer have to go for painful facial extractions to remove blackheads and whiteheads, FANCL Pore Care Series will take care of your dreaded pore problems!