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Fight your skin’s greatest horrors

What are some of the ideas you have for your Halloween costume this year? Will you be going as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad or are you thinking of scaring the hell out of your fellow partygoers as the orangey Republican candidate Donald Trump?

No matter what you decide to dress up as, one thing’s for sure: you’ll need makeup, lots of it, in order to look convincing.

But the combination of thick makeup, alcohol, junk food and a lack of sleep could lead to even greater horrors after Halloween is over. Breakouts, dull skin, a blotchy complexion … well, if you don’t want to look into the mirror and cower at your reflection, FANCL’s got some tips for you:

Tip 1: Remove your makeup thoroughly before you sleep

As tempting as it may be to head straight to bed, sleeping with that much makeup on is a big No-no. FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil not only has molecules fine enough to remove the micronized particles of your makeup, it does the job quickly and thoroughly, dissolving stubborn makeup and keratin plugs in just one rinse so you can hurry to bed and get more beauty sleep.

Tip 2: Give your skin a wake-up call

Makeup – as fun as it is to wear – disrupts our skin’s ability to absorb nutrients and that can lead to a dull, yellowish complexion. The morning after your Halloween night-out, give your skin a boost with FANCL Yogurt Facial Treatment. Its microparticles effectively slough off dead skin cells, boost skin’s metabolism, tightens pores and evens out skin tone to reveal a younger-looking, more radiant you.

Tip 3: Moisture is your skin’s best friend

All the alcohol and salty food can drain your body of water and this means your skin suffers from dehydration too. Skin that is plumped with moisture is less prone to redness, fine lines, roughness and peeling. After FANCL Yogurt Facial Treatment, use the FANCL Moisturizing Mask to strengthen your skin’s natural defence barrier against irritants and to help it better retain moisture.

Given that your skin had gone through quite a bit of stress, it is all the more important to use products that are free from preservatives as you nurse it back to health. Preservatives in skincare and cosmetic products have been proven to irritate skin and accelerate pigmentation and skin aging. More horrifically, preservatives have been shown to affect skin DNA, causing chronic damages and weakening the skin.

By using skincare that is free from preservatives, you are strengthening your skin’s own defences because less oxidative stress is caused to the cells, thus boosting their ability to absorb nutrients and moisture.

Finally, it’s not just during Halloween that you need to remember to remove your makeup and treat your skin well. On a daily basis, be sure to always clean off your makeup and sunscreen before going to bed. And for those whose skin needs that extra boost every once in a while, a mask or a treatment is definitely a must to keep your complexion smooth and radiant.