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Boost Your Skin’s Moisture Level with the all-new Hyaluro Premium!

Our skin contains 64% water and when it’s well-hydrated, it shows! Radiant, glowing skin is a tell-tale sign of healthy skin layers and structure. However as we age, the natural hyaluronic acid in our body starts decreasing and the result? Dry, dull and wrinkly skin.

Why do we need hyaluronic acid in our bodies?

A large percentage of the hyaluronic acid in our body is found in our skin and is the key to building blocks of healthy skin structures! With its powerful ability to retain water in our skin layer, it is also one of the key ingredients to keeping your skin youthful and retaining collagen production. When the natural HA in our body starts decreasing, the collagen production declines and our skin defense level decreases too - leading to dry, sensitive and fragile skin.

Restore your skin's moisture level with FANCL's new Hyaluro Premium - fortified with nano hyaluronic acid particles to replenish 6000x its weight in moisture, it efficiently locks in moisture in your skin layer, keeping your skin hydrated and supple all the time.

Carefully formulated with ingredients such as Longan Fruit Complex, N-acetylglucosamine and Litchi Seed Complex to help facilitate hyaluronic acid synthesis, this promote skin suppleness and hydration while promoting collagen production to prevent ageing. Your skin gets significantly better everyday with daily intake.

Level up your moisturising regimen – starting with inner and outer beauty with our FANCL Moisturising series!

Nourish from within with nutritional beauty supplements like Hyaluro Premium and hydrate your skin externally with our Moisturizing skincare line.

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