Beauty Concentrate BC Eye Mask

Skincare | Intensive Repair

The ultra-soft FANCL Beauty Concentrate eye mask adheres to the eye area smoothly and strengthens skin's natural repair process with its collagen-rich essence. The hydrating and firming formula helps form a "lifted barrier" on the skin surface, effectively reducing dry lines and smooths out wrinkles.

功效 : Targeting dry areas around the eyes and mouth to reduce signs of aging. Beauty Concentrate Mask locks in moisture, releasing collagen to restore skin resilience and smoothen fine lines.
容量 : 6pcs x 1 box
成分 : High Absorbing Silybin, HTC Collagen, Hop Extract, Amino C, Lychee Seed Extract, Smooth Emollient Oil
使用方法 : 1. Apply onto a cleansed face around the eyes or mouth area.
2. Leave on for around 10 minutes.
3. Use 1-2 times a week or as required.