Hyaluro Premium

Restore your skin’s moisture level with FANCL Hyaluro Premium beauty supplement, fortified with Nano Hyaluronic Acid particles that efficiently locks in moisture in your skin layer, keeping skin plump and hydrated.

In comparison to regular hyaluronic acid, this nano-sized hyaluronic acid is extremely fine and therefore, more easily absorbed. With its various beauty nutrients, it also empowers the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and maintain skin’s moisture level.

Benefit : This effective beauty supplement helps to prevent skin dryness and replenishes skin with moisture. Formulated with 100mg of nano-sized hyaluronic acid in order for our body to absorb it more efficiently, it breaks down and promote synthesis of hyaluronic acid with ingredients such as longan fruit extract, litchi seed extract and ceramide. This helps enhance skin's moisture retention and thus keeps skin hydrated. N-acetylglucosamine is also added for moisturization.
Size : 41.8g (232mg x 6 tablets x 30 sticks ) for 30 days supply
Ingredient : Active Ingredients (in 1 stick of 6 tablets): Hyaluronic Acid (100mg), Longan Fruit Complex (500mg), Litchi Seed Complex (300mg), N-acetylgulcosamine (10mg), Ceramide (1,200μg)
How to Use : 1 stick (6 tablets), take after a meal with water