Iron & Folic Acid

Having a dull and lifeless appearance that gives people an impression of you being tired and weak? Iron & Folic Acid helps you boost your defense system and get a flushed and healthy look. With FANCL’s unique iron formula, the nutrients can be easily absorbed through the intestinal walls. Supplying your body with folic acid which has complementary benefit in supporting blood cells formation and strengthening the body, FANCL Iron & Folic Acid is particularly suitable for those who constantly feel weak and easily tired.

Benefit : Iron supplements the body with the essential element to form red blood cells and support oxygen transport throughout the body, giving you a flushed and healthy look. Folic acid complements iron to boost its efficacy in aiding blood cells formation and strengthening the body, leading to a better health benefit.
Size : 60 tablets
Ingredient : (per daily intake) Iron 10mg, Copper 0.8mg, Vitamin B6 12mg, Vitamin B12 2.4μg, Folic Acid 200μg

*This product contains ingredient originated from soybean.
How to Use : 2 tablets daily for adult. Take after meals.