Essential Nutrients for Life | Avoid calcium loss

Developed with the subsidy from the Japanese government, Twintose is made of the nutrients extracted from chicory and contains no white sugar. It can be mixed with foods that are rich in calcium (e.g. milk and cheese), and iron (e.g. red meat and dark green leafy vegetables) to accelerate the absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Twintose also allows these minerals that are difficult to be absorbed to retain in our body.

Benefit : Ingesting together with calcium-rich foods, the absorption rate of calcium can increase by 1.4 times and the retention rate by 6.2 times to build stronger bones.
Size : 30g (1g x 30 sticks), 10-30 days supply
Ingredient : Twintose (Difructose Anhydride III)
How to Use : Mix 1 stick into a glass (about 200 mL) of milk or 100g of yogurt and serve.