White Advance

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Skin whitening from the inside out - White Advance formulated with added Brightening Grape Extract contains two whitening essences that together fade pigmentation and give an even, translucent glow to your skin.

功效 : It may help achieve fair, bright and even skin tone, promoting skin clarity. Recommended for those with rapidly tanned skin or easily formed dark spots, especially after sun exposure.
容量 : 45.2g (251mg x about 180 tablets) – about 30 days supply
成分 : Active Ingredients (per 6 tablets): Olive leaf extract (contains Hydroxytyrosol 20mg, Oleuropein 10mg), L- Cystine (240mg), Vitamin C (300mg), Niacin (15mg)
使用方法 : For adults, 2 tablets 3 times daily. Consume after meals.