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FANCL Moisturizing Lotion supply skin with active ingredients that penetrates deep into the skin while promoting skin cell repair and long-lasting moisture retention. Formulated with High-Penetration Nano Capsule Technology, it promotes maximum absorption of concentrated ingredients in the deepest skin layer for healthy hydration and unparalleled suppleness.

Skin can now stay hydrated 24 hours a day, every single day.

功效 : Moisturizing Lotion hydrates your skin by improving moisture retention to prevent dryness and fine lines. Formulated with Raffinose and Rice Ferment Extract that hydrates skin deeply to restore soft and supple skin.
容量 : 30 mL x 1 bottle
成分 : Raffinose, Royal Jelly Extract, Rice Ferment Extract, Mallow Flower Extract, Beauty Blue Sweet Pea Extract , Fresh Moist Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid
使用方法 : Cleanse and apply lotion. Get 3-8 drops of lotion and gently apply on the whole face. Repeat on specially dried areas.