Coenzyme Q10

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Q10 is a coenzyme that helps produce energy. It is an important element that brings viality to the body.

With potent anti-oxidant properties, it protects cells from free radical damage, benefits the health of the body and improves skin problems caused by aging.

Using FANCL's original "Micro-emulsifying Method", Coenzyme Q10 is nano sized fo better absorption.

Benefit : Coenzyme Q10 helps to reduce body's fatigue by assisting in cell manufacturing energy. With potent anti-oxidant properties, this helps to slow down skin aging and decline in cell functions. It also allows better and faster absorption of nutrition effectively.
Size : 24.7g (411mg x 60 capsules)
Ingredient : Coenzyme Q10 (60mg)
How to Use : Since Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble substance, it can be more effectively absorbed when consumed with fat-containing foods or after meal.
It is said that Coenzyme Q10 may last about 24 hours (in the body) upon absorption; therefore, the suggested daily intake (2 capsules) may be consumed at once or separately.