M / mika ninagawa × FANCL (2nd Edition)

Skincare | Make-up Removal

FANCL recently collaborated with world-famous photographer Mika Ninagawa's studio M / mika ninagawa for the new packaging of MCO Mild Cleansing Oil. The design is inspired by Mika Ninagawa's signature colourful floral photography and the new packaging makes MCO a must-have for collectors. MCO helps remove makeup thoroughly so you can be as beautiful as flowers in bloom.

功效 : An all new formula utilizing the finest Nano Cleansing technology. Remove waterproof eye makeup, lipstick, high definition foundation and sunblock simply by using the new MCO Mild Cleansing Oil and water. Formulated without mineral oils, the upgraded formula is also effective in removing sebum, whiteheads and keratin plugs over time. Power up your skin's health by instantly dissolving makeup & grime while protecting your delicate skin.
容量 : 120ml
成分 : Nano Cleansing Technique, Keratotic Plugs Removal Oil (contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil), Moisture Keep Cleansing Formula
使用方法 : 1. Evenly apply 2-3 pumps of cleansing oil on face.
2. Gently massage the face for 15 seconds or until the makeup dissolves.
Rinse with water and follow the regular procedures of Facial Washing Powder for thorough cleansing.