Vitamin C

Strengthen Immune System | General Wellbeing

Ever wished for good health and skin in a capsule? Vitamin C has countless benefits – it can boost your immune system, maintain a healthy oral cavity and strong gums, help with iron absorption and foster collagen synthesis. It helps you look and feel the best every day inside and out!

Benefit : Each capsule contains the amount of vitamin C equivalent to that provided by about 18 lemons, vitamin C is beneficial to the health of your body and your skin. The formula has specially added Vitamin P (Hesperidin), which can boost the body's absorption of vitamin C.
Size : 90 capsules
Ingredient : Active Ingredients (per daily intake): Vitamin C (1,050 mg), Vitamin P (Hesperidin) (17.1 mg), Vitamin B2 (1.5 mg)
How to Use : 3 capsules per day, take after meals